Colombian Santander Rainforest Alliance (Unroasted)


The coffee is grown between 1100 and 1900 meters above sea level, in the protected forests of Kachalu. In the Santander province, Oiba, the coffee plants are shaded by large native trees. The Colombian serves a delicious cup. It has an individual aroma, features a medium to high level acidity; an intermediate body and a soft, clean flavor. It also carries the “Rainforest Alliance” Seal, so you know that you’re helping the people and ecosystems of Colombia. The fragrance of the grounds is characteristic of the Colombian’s intensity and range; containing fruited aromas, savory hints, and a chocolate bitter-sweetness. In coffee form, it is mesmeric, full, and firm, with caramel gradations, and sparkles of fresh fruit.

MIFEIA’s Cupping Score: 45 / 50

Aroma: 10 Very strong

Acidity: 9 Medium to high

Body: 8 Medium body

Flavour: 9 Soft, clean

Aftertaste: 9 Very balanced, fruity